8th October 2024 | Prague, Czech Republic


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  • War conflicts
  • Climate crisis
  • The rise of Generation Z
  • Economic crises

The world will never be the same as we know it from our lives so far. The climate, human society and the economy are changing right before our eyes.

And all in one moment - right now!

With crises come opportunities for psychopaths. To take over companies and countries and our families. Increasingly, we are driving expansions, acquisitions, business changes. In all of this, we are dealing with a major generational shift.

We are entering a time of entirely new situations and new business opportunities.

Be prepared for a period of great and heated conflict. In companies, between nations, within families and between friends.

It is already clear that our existing skills and experience cannot be enough.

Learn from the best in the business!


New scenarios. Big crises. Extreme pressure. The most influential figures in business and negotiation will prepare you for all of this. Exclusively and only once.

Chris Voss

The FBI's former chief negotiator with kidnappers and terrorists

People refer to Chris as the Master Negotiator. He earned that nickname as the New York FBI's chief crisis negotiator and as the FBI's chief negotiator with the kidnappers. In fact, he helped to develop the field of negotiation across the entire federal agency, and hostage negotiators still use the principles established during his service today. Chris then also taught business negotiation at the University of Northern California, Georgetown, and Harvard. In 2008, he founded The Black Swan Group where he teaches how to use hostage negotiation techniques to never leave money "on the table" unnecessarily. In May 2016, he published the best-selling book "Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It" to help all people apply these essential negotiation principles to everyday life. Chris has negotiated with the world's worst terrorists. As a result, he is able to help companies in the toughest business negotiations where entire companies find themselves as legal hostages.

Radim Pařík

President of Association of Negotiators

Radim is the only personal disciple of Chris Voss, George Kohlrieser and Joe Navarro in the Czech Republic and the only European co-author of Voss' new book Empathetic Leadership, a current world bestseller. He is the best known and most quoted by the media Czechoslovak negotiator and the author of the Czech bestseller on negotiation - The Art of Negotiating Anything. Radim is an experienced leader, having served as a board member of the world's second largest retailer. He is proficient in FBI and Mossad negotiation techniques and has received training in negotiating with kidnappers and terrorists. He is a member of the prestigious World Negotiators Club. He is also an expert in body language and lie detection. He assists TOP 100 companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in difficult negotiations. He also accompanies top politicians in difficult negotiations and has lectured to agents of the Security Information Service. As the founder of the Fascinating Academy, he has established negotiation as a science in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He co-founded and as president leads the International Association of Negotiators.

Pavla Gomba

Executive Director of UNICEF Czech Republic

Pavla has been ranked among the most influential women in the Czech Republic by Forbes magazine since the beginning. Before joining UNICEF to protect children and work on improving their living conditions, she worked as a financial analyst at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and in the commercial department of the Danish Embassy in Prague. She then managed the finances of the municipality of the African city of Masvingo in Zimbabwe. She has participated in numerous humanitarian missions to conflict and war zones in Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Mali, Central African Republic, Cambodia and Myanmar. Based on her experiences of travelling to crisis areas, she published a book "Can you hear us?". Today, outside of the UN Children's Fund, she serves on the DMS Council of the Donors Forum and on the Legislation and Funding Committee of the Government Council for Non-Governmental Organizations. She is a mentor for Business Leaders Forum and Business Professional Women Prague. She lectures and publishes on current topics in the field of development programs, security and international affairs.

Daniel Digoň

Managing Director ATALIAN CZ s.r.o.

Daniel is an influential Czech manager and leader. For more than 20 years he has been working on leadership and corporate transformation. He studied leadership at IMD Lausanne, Oxford Leadership Academy London and Imperial College Business School. He regularly puts his knowledge into practice with a personal motto: "so that our managers are also world-class". He is currently working as CEO for Atalian, which is one of the most important companies in the Czech Republic in the service sector with more than 2200 employees. He has successfully transformed the company and today aspires to a turnover of CZK 3 billion. He also focuses on negotiation, human behaviour in organisations and communication. He personally learned from world-class negotiators Matthias Schranner, George Kohlrieser and Chris Voss.

Zdeněk Zajicek

President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic 

Zdeněk is one of the most visible promoters and implementers of eGovernment projects in the Czech Republic. He is the author and co-author of the projects CzechPOINT, Datová schránka, Basic Register, Banking Identity and the Law on the Right to Digital Services. Many appreciate his ability to bring and promote innovations in the functioning of the state, his negotiation skills in preparing and implementing complex projects and finding a broad political and professional consensus, as well as his handling of crisis situations, for example during the floods in Prague in 2002. Zdeněk is an interpreter between the world of politics and the civil service and the world of the private sector and strives for closer cooperation between them. As President of the Chamber of Commerce, he defends the interests of Czech entrepreneurs. He is the main driver of the Czech Republic at the Crossroads activity, which identifies strategic investment areas for the country's further development and the threats and opportunities facing the Czech Republic. By profession, he is a lawyer and arbitrator at the Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture. He has been a Member of Parliament, Deputy Minister and Director of the Prague City Hall. He is a representative of the Capital City of Prague and as chief negotiator he helped form the current Prague coalition.

More speakers will be introduced soon.

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Become the leaders of the future

Master empathetic leadership techniques. Meet future allies through conflicts and crises.

Our need for leaders is the result of evolution, the drive for survival. As is cooperation. Leaders who can't lead others to cooperate are at the top by mistake.

Work together and you will come out of the age of conflict better and more successfully than others. Advance your leadership with us. In business and in life. Take the pain out of leading people. Be you at the top. Become the leaders of the future.

Only at this conference will you receive the book Empathetic Leadership with a dedication by Chris Voss and Radim Parik.

If you get involved, you will find answers to the burning questions of our time:

  • Why empathy and negotiation are the building blocks of leadership.
  • How high performance and effectiveness are not achieved through pressure.
  • How the emerging younger generation will be a major source of conflict.
  • Whether we should do things right or do the right things.
  • How, in what, and most importantly when artificial intelligence will replace us.
  • How to work with psychopaths in leadership.
  • Why leaders lead people and do not piss them off.

What to expect at the Leaders of the Future Conference

  • A unique line-up of global leadership experts
  • Practical training sessions with the stars of the conference
  • New contacts and new business opportunities
  • Modern conference app with comprehensive information and networking opportunities
  • The stunning facilities of the Lobkowicz Palace at Prague Castle
  • Unforgettable culinary experience
  • Opportunity to get negotiation bestsellers with authors' dedication
  • Comfortable interpretation of foreign guests into Czech and your questions back into English


All lectures will be translated live into Czech.

8:15 - 9:00

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Adam Dolejš


The programme will be published soon.

All lectures will be translated live into Czech.

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  • Experiential gastronomy
  • Gala evening with celebrities
  • Exclusive private tour of the Lobkowicz collections with a star conference personality in the afternoon the day before the conference
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Take advantage of the exclusive offer of VIP tickets to the world's leading N-Conference negotiators' forum and join Radim Parík from 16 to 18 October 2024 to continue the Czech mission in Zurich, Switzerland. Meet in person other very important personalities of the negotiating world. Experts, leaders, visionaries and industry pioneers from around the world will delve into the topic of "Negotiation - Leadership - Resilience".

The discounted price applies to participants of the Future Leaders Conference.

Feedback from the last conference

Without any hesitation, this is the best conference I have ever attended-simply without equal.

Joe Navarro

Body Language Expert #1

It has been a blast from morning to morning. Brain on full speed, 60 pages of notes, dozens of new contacts. Now I am going to spend six months rewriting it and putting things into practice.

Jan Nývlt

CEO Brights Advisory s.r.o.

I do not understand how so much experience, information, bits and pieces, and fun could be packed into one day. I will be drawing on Thursday's insights for a long time to come. And I look forward to 8.10.2024!

Roman Slaboň

CEO Sabron Group

JOE NAVARRO! Former FBI agent who impressed me! This day was worth it. My head is full of information and I am looking forward to it settling in. You guys did a great job. Work that can impact all of us.

Zlata Biedermanová

Owner Seen Media, s.r.o

I deeply appreciate the love and warmth I received, not only from the organizing team but also from all the attendees. This conference will always have a special place in my heart.

Anne-Maartje Oud

Expert in communicating with complex personalities

Great event! I am glad I was there. Great program, venue and organization.

Martin Schlögl

Director Testo Czech Republic

Outstanding speakers, inspiring speeches, great audience and perfect organization. All in all, an unforgettable conference!

Hana Topercerová


The conference was great in every aspect. If only because it made me think about where and how to try to move forward.

JUDr. Jan Vych

Vych & Partners, s.r.o.

Prague Castle in the negotiation was simply phenomenal. A high-class event that I have never experienced in the Czech Republic before. I enjoy meeting people who have the same mindset.

Jakub Kantor

Owner Kantor studio

A great event in the beautiful premises of Prague Castle. For me personally these events are not only an opportunity to meet, share my positive/negative experiences, but also to learn from the best in the field.

Emil Beneš

Executive Director Proboston s.r.o.

This year's conference takes communication in the Czech and Slovak Republics to another level. TOP speakers, TOP premises of Prague Castle, TOP catering.

Tomáš Oláh

Trueslav s.r.o.

It was my first time at your conference and I firmly believe that it will not be the last time. The overall experience was further enhanced by the magnificent setting and the refreshments need not be mentioned. The overall impression and evaluation is one big superlative.

Tomáš Sedláček

Executive Director KAMPOS s.r.o.

Congratulations on the great success you have earned and worked for. I enjoyed the conference, both in terms of content and formality. I will be happy to attend the next one.

Ing. Milada Matiovská

MBA, MSc., Executive Director of Quantum, a.s.

UX design conferences do not do much for me after 20 years. Conferences on negotiation, leadership and working with emotions, on the other hand, give me a lot to design as well. N-Conference and C-level were the best conferences I attended in 2023.

Jan Řezáč

Founder of House of Rezac

The conference was located in the beautiful premises of Prague Castle with great speakers and experts in communication and negotiation like Joe Navarro and Radim Pařík. I also appreciate the detailed preparation and excellent catering.

Michaela Rýdlová

HR Director Fresenius Medical Care - DS

What was the last conference like?

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Nominate a Future Leader!

He never leaves you alone and pulls you along. He has the relentless courage to give you competence and faith in your ability to change the world around you for the better. You feel safe with him and can come to him with ideas. He has earned your positive respect, can control himself, leaves his ego at the door and listens to you. He is a true leader.

The results will be announced during the conference gala dinner on 8 October.

This is an absolutely unique opportunity and an unrepeatable event in the Czech Republic. You will learn to deal with black swans in your life. You will gain information and skills that will help you prepare for periods of conflict and escalation. You will meet world experts in leadership and make new friends and business partners who will help you prepare your business to respond to new challenges.

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Lobkowicz Palace, Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic

date and time

October 8, 2024 from 9:00 a.m.

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